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Discover How You Can Save Countless Hours,
With This Unbelievable Profit Boosting Tool That
Automatically Calculates the Lengths, Angles and Heights
Of Any Equal Pitched Timber or Steel Roof.

Dear Carpenter, Handyperson, DIYer and or Home Owner,

If you are a novice carpenter, an extremely experienced carpenter or even someone who wants to take on building a roof yourself, what we have to share with you will prove to be extremely profitable. In fact, if you read on, you’ll discover practical PROVEN SECRETS that will save you time and money (that you probably don’t even realize you’re losing), regardless of how qualified or experienced you are with roof framing.

First, let me tell you that for the past eleven years I alone have successfully calculated and pitched well over 450 roofs of every shape and size. Over the years I have always been looking for new and innovative ways to simplify the roof framing process for two reasons:

  1. Roof framing can be very time consuming, even for people like me who know exactly what they’re doing…
  2. Time that I can spend doing roof framing calculations is time that could be spent selling my next roofing job or completing my next carpentry project. In short, the faster the roof is built, the more opportunity I have to MAKE MORE MONEY!

It’s taken years of experience and lots of testing, but I have finally developed a fool-proof system that actually does save any carpenter THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS because they can calculate the data for any equal pitched roof in only seconds!

Introducing the Advanced Roofing Pro


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Unlike expensive and technical hand held roofing calculators, Advanced Roofing Pro instantly provides you with ALL the data you could ever require for any equal pitched roof. Furthermore, it could not be any easier for you to select the data you require to be printed.

What you REALLY need when cutting and constructing a roof frame is the ability to:

  1. Have the lengths of roof members automatically calculated in seconds.

  2. Have the bevel angles calculated for you almost instantly, for every equal roof pitch imaginable.

  3. Use the calculated data, formulas to construct a simple hip end roof, to a complex multiple hip and valley roof.

    Brilliant! I am a carpenter and for a long time I have been trying to gain a greater understanding of the formulas required to calculate a roof. With this program and tutorials, I no longer need to rely on tables and are creating cutting list quicker than ever. Thanks a lot, you have saved me a lot of time and given me a far greater insight into roof framing.Regards, Greg H. Sydney* The testimonials used are favorable results, which do not automatically apply to the average purchaser. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success with this software program depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.
  4. Learn how to calculate the pitch of any existing roof, using simple to follow trigonometry formulas with diagrams or the quick find feature.

  5. Develop the confidence to no longer depend on tables.

  6. Have provided, correct lengths for irregular roofs that no table could possibly cover.

  7. Have any standard roof member length and pitch calculated. No longer be restricted to the data supplied in traditional tables.

  8. Gain an even greater understanding of calculating roofs. Have at your disposal, the very same formulas with diagrams, I used to develop my extremely user friendly programs.

  9. Visual aides and statements walk you through the interpretation of data.

  10. Individually select the data fields you require to be printed, for up to six roof spans for any one project.

  11. Solve any roofing problem, by applying the formulas and diagrams to your situation.

  12. Use the data provided and compile an accurate quantity take off list for each new roofing project.

  13. Comfortably work without the need to carry large and tedious roofing squares.

  14. No longer worry or run the risk of breaking an expensive roof frame calculator whilst working on a site.

  15. Follow illustrated step by step tutorials which offer valuable information for the beginner right up to an experienced carpenter.

… And you want it to be E-A-S-Y!


Let’s face it, when you’re starting a roof framing project, it can be overwhelming and intimidating. There’s lots of materials to buy and your CORRECT MATHS is the one thing that stands between you and a significant amount of lost profits. If there was a way for you to guarantee that your calculations would be correct every time and you could get all the measurements you needed in an instant, wouldn’t you do it?


No matter what your capabilities are… No matter if you’re just starting out… Using the capabilities of Advanced Roofing Pro, you can begin calculating roofs faster than you could ever believe.

No matter what method you use for roofing, if you have never tried, or are not confident with using an everyday scientific calculator, this information and program applies to YOU.

Why waste unnecessary time by using tedious and bulky roofing squares? Do not be limited to the roof pitches supplied in traditional tablesLearn the simple trigonometry formulas and gain a greater understanding as to how a roof actually formulates and nails together.

You are going to save time, money and even frustration, time and time again. You will learn the easy to use formulas and help avoid making possible time consuming and expensive mistakes that even the most experienced carpenter can be vulnerable to.

By simply entering dimensions into a small number of cells you will,

  • Within seconds have all the data required, which means you canput your time to better use and start cutting out the roof.
  • Gain valuable knowledge and understanding into how a roof is calculated by following and experimenting with a copy of the formulas used in the programs. All this with the aide of easy to follow diagrams.
  • Easily find the pitch of an existing or new roof. This means you can create accurate quantity take off lists, or design an extension around your existing roof lines.
  • Save money and valuable time, thanks to the informative and thorough data supplied.

I purchased your program after I received numerous quotes for a gable ended carport I wanted built at home. The quotes for labor only were well over $5 000. This didn’t sit too well with me and after searching online I came across your offer. I felt I didn’t have too much to lose and after sitting down and going over the tutorials I felt confident to give it a go myself. In two weekends with a friend, I successfully completed the carport. What can I say, thanks very much, your tutorials saved me a lot of money. I now look forward to building a couple more pergolas on my rental properties.

David Aldack, Freemantle W.A.

* The testimonials used are favorable results, which do not automatically apply to the average purchaser. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success with this software program depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.

Take a look at the sample screen shot below. I’ve entered the data I started with in the empty cells (see the circled area of the picture). I clicked “apply” and immediately all of the calculations were DONE FOR ME.

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And here’s the best part…

With The Advanced Roofing ProYou NEVER Have to Worry about “Add-ons” or “Additional” Fees!

That’s because I’m offering all of the program features and tools, including the very formulas with diagrams I used to create the program for one ridiculously low flat rate!

You get the whole package, for just $89.95 AUD.

* Software box not included

And for a limited time, when you invest in the Advanced Roofing Pro, you’ll also receive:

3 Super Bonuses (a $39.85 AUD value) – 2 off which are yours to keep, no matter what! *

I want to give you a kick-start to immediately guarantee the success of your roof framing endeavors. So, as part of my special launch celebration, I’ve decided to give the first 97 people who claim a copy of Advanced Roofing Pro FULL ACCESS to the following THREE Super Bonuses…

SUPER BONUS #1: ($19.95 AUD)

Scotch Valley Tutorial
When you invest in the Advanced Roofing Pro, you will automatically receive a detailed step by step, 10-page illustrated tutorial explaining a sure fire method to scotching a valley. You will learn how to scotch a valley without using a string line and straight edge, saving you countless amounts of time and headaches for every valley you scotch.

SUPER BONUS #2: ($9.95 AUD)

Measuring and Marking a Hip
Discover step by step, how to measure and mark your hips in position to ensure a perfect fit every time. Should your wall frames not be square or plumb….it doesn’t matter. By using this simple method, you will easily be able to overcome the problem. Discover how to quickly and easily calculate the hip sail over point at roof trusses. This is 7 pages of step-by-step detailed instructions on measuring and marking a hip.

SUPER BONUS #3: ($9.95 AUD)

Advanced Roofing Pro Calculator
You will also receive a specially designed calculator that could not make it any easier to calculate any roofing formula. Step by step tutorials mean you do not need to know how to use a scientific calculator and get confused with the specific functions and the procedure in which they need to be entered for the formula to work. The work is DONE FOR YOU!
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Take 90 days to examine and use this Advanced Roofing Pro.
You have 90 days to put this valuable program to work in your own home and out on the work site. Or on any project you want, wherever you want.
Test the program for yourself… Try as many of the valuable tips and tutorials as you like. Once you’ve used these strategies, we confident you’ll NEVER want to send it back!

But, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason,
or it doesn’t live up to your expectations,
you won’t be out one red cent. Just return the program and we’ll refund your entire payment. No hassles. No questions asked. Right up to the final day of this 90 day guarantee!

PLUS … You’ll get to keep the 2 BONUSES WORTH $39.85 AUD no matter what! That’s a GUARANTEED gain.

IMPORTANT: You must retain and provide your tax invoice as proof of purchase, should you require a refund.

… We literally take ALL of the risk for you, because that’s how much we believe in the programs.

Start Using These Tools NOW and save hours and hours of calculation time by having your roof framing calculations DONE FOR YOU, time and time again!

Remember, the 3 Super Bonuses are only available to the first 97 people who respond to this offer. After those copies are gone, we are removing the bonuses from the program and offering them separately at FULL value. This is your only chance to get the $35.85 AUD worth of bonuses for FREE!

And, there’s absolutely NO RISK! You have 90 days to “test” Advanced Roofing Pro and profit from all its powerful features … so DON’T WAIT! Claim your copy of Advanced Roofing Pro with elaborate, step-by-step tutorials and illustrations right NOW.

Dedicated To Your Success,

Jonathon Slee

e-Solutions Adelaide (Director)

P.S. To claim the THREE Super Bonuses, be sure to claim your copy of Advanced Roofing Pro right now while you still have a chance to get this great deal. Remember, the 3 bonuses are yours to keep, no matter what! And you’re 100% protected by my 90-Day DOUBLE Risk FREE GUARANTEE.

P.P.S. Don’t forget that your software is tax deductible as a business expense, if applicable.


I am an apprentice carpenter. A friend who also is an apprentice, told me about Advanced Roofing Pro and we are both very excited about it. Our bosses simply don’t teach us this stuff and trade school only shows us how to set out a roof with a stupid roofing square. This has given us a lot of confidence and we can now hardly wait until we finish our apprenticeships. I hope you continue to produce more tutorials. We absolutely love it.

Thanks, David Casparin

* The testimonials used are favorable results, which do not automatically apply to the average purchaser. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success with this software program depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.

P.P.P.S. WARNING … The 97 copies that include the 2 FREE BONUS Tutorials will not last long. You need to act now to get these BONUSES for FREE!

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* The Advanced Roofing Pro Calculator is not included in the Bonuses to keep, should you request a refund.